The Characteristics of an Ideal Forum Retreat

The more you share your knowledge, the more enriched it becomes. There is no denial to this fact. You may find some introverts who believe keeping their knowledge and experiences secret will keep them ahead in the competition. Since you are not among them, let’s share with you some information that you will find interesting. We are going to talk about forum retreat as a way to share knowledge and experiences. We’ll also examine how effective it is, considering the current scenario of global business.

Old Age Knowledge Sharing:

Ever since man has become man, there have been so many ways to share knowledge and views. It started with making signs, when verbal language was yet to make its way to existence. Books have always been a great way of knowledge sharing. Even a couple of decades ago, seminars emerged as a very effective, and thereby, very popular ways to share knowledge. All the participants have been unanimous over the fact that sharing knowledge is most effective when multiple people from the same/different field(s) of profession come together. It is for the same reason that vocational training also became very popular.

Old Age Knowledge Sharing: Forum Retreat

The world in twenty first century is characterized by rapid progress and advancements. You must agree that seminars or vocational courses cannot serve the purposes. The new age term is ‘forum retreat’. Do not confuse it with forum meeting. Forum meetings generally deal with the current issues. Forum retreats have a lot more associated with it. Let’s first see what forum retreat actually is.

What a Forum Retreat Is

Forum retreat generally refers to a once-in-a-year event for all the members of a particular forum. The retreat is a unique opportunity for the members to learn, share, grow and accomplish in several perspectives at different levels. What differentiates forum retreats from forum meetings is that the former has a very long-term view and attend deeper issues. It is for this reason that forum retreats are thought to be the most appropriate platforms for the professionals who seek to develop in-depth knowledge and overall strengthening.

Characteristics of a Forum Retreat

A proper forum retreat has a few key elements that characterize it. Let us discuss those aspects one by one:

Work and fun: When in retreat, the schedule for the professionals should have space for work and fun too. However, the balance depends on the objectives of the forum. However, while scheduling the forum agenda, it should be kept in mind that these are not regular workdays for the professionals. They should find it useful as well as pleasurable being in the forum retreat or management retreats.

At least one overnight stay: So far as the technical definition goes, a forum retreat must include at least one overnight stay by the members. Most retreats include two nights. However, even if it is a short retreat, a minimum of one overnight stay is mandatory for an ideal forum retreat. The general idea is that the longer the retreat, the more you accomplish with the forum.

Mandatory attendance: Though it is not the case with all forums, most of them make it mandatory for the members to be present in all the retreats, especially the management retreats. In case a member misses a retreat, he/she forfeits his/her membership with the forum. However, the statement of the forum should make it clear right at the beginning if attendance in the retreats is mandatory for the members.

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