Is it worth to pay for a plagiarism checker?

Before reading you should know that there are only a select few free plagiarism checkers out there. Out of those few, only one or two are actually useful in free versions. Most of the free ones are made like a snippet, just to familiarise you with the basic controls and attract you towards buying or paying for access. But is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Numbers don’t lie

In the United States, plagiarism is most common amongst students and content creators. The former tend to copy and plagiarise quite often, but the numbers vary from state to state. Louisiana is in the bottom with the highest numbers while Wisconsin leads the pack with the lowest plagiarism percentage for the entire country.

Plagiarism prevention

Universities and various publishers are well aware of these numbers and the risk that plagiarism brings thus they implement software solutions. Almost every organisation or institution that deals with documents has a plagiarism checker. It is special software designed to analyse text and find plagiarised content. Universities, colleges, SEO agencies etc. they all use some sort of advanced software. This way they ensure that nothing plagiarised gets past their defences.

Why is it helpful to you?

Because one mistake can be so costly, it is essential for students and writers to equip themselves with the same tools. For students a paid or premium plagiarism checker can help avoid bad marks, suspension or even being expelled. Every piece of software is different, but on Plagramme you can use all premium functions for free for a limited time. Use this link to find out more: .

Here you simply upload your document and can scan it for plagiarism for free. However, reading the report which details every single issue comes with a price. The cost is low when compared to the benefits it brings. By checking your paper for plagiarism you automatically prevent problems or trouble evolving in the future.